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Now is the Wii’nter of my Discontent

Santa Claus finally snuck down my chimney on December 24th and very kindly proceeded to set up my shiny new Wii. After much pre-Christmas hassle I did eventually get hold of a ‘Madcatz’ component cable and after much huffing and puffing I installed said device in our ‘family-room’ ready for the much expected Christmas merriment to commence.

First impressions were very favourable, the Wii is nice and small, shiny and white and thankfully near silent in operation! The Xbox 360 sitting next door was blushing profusely at the lack of audible intrusion coming from this shiny new interloper when it burst into life. The Wii-mote and Nunchuk sit nicely in the hands and the simple Nintendo interface was predictably easy to navigate and understand.

I quickly had the Wii talking to my wireless network at which point it descended into a fit of near Sony Playstation 3 proportions as every button I clicked upon launched it into a frenzy of system updating and downloading. Much time passed before it finally settled down and I actually loaded up the Wii Sports disc!

It was at this point that it became apparent this was definitely a ‘friends required’ experience. The feelings of being an item of ridicule as the next door neighbours watched through the side window as I swung wildly around on my own in the general direction of the television were all too apparent. They probably thought I’d been at the Christmas cooking sherry already or that I was having some form of seizure but either ways lone Wii’ing made me feel mighty silly!

Testing complete I powered down the Wii and waited on its grand unveiling on Christmas morning. At 7 am Christmas morning once the joys of Barbie, Polly Pocket & Viva Piñata had disappeared under a mountain of wrapping paper I suggested to my two girls (Aged 9 & 7) that they may want to take a peek in the family-room and sure enough whoops of joy greeted the shiny new arrival on the media shelves and instant demands were made to turn on the Wii and play Wii Sports.

After some initial tuition which consisted of getting them to stand away from A. the TV and B. each other, we finally got a session of sports under way. Here it was quickly apparent that the target market had been very effectively reached as they took great delight in beating seven shades of crap out of each other on Wii-Boxing! The same enthusiasm was carried through all the games and the overall concept of motion and video gaming was definitely proving to be a hit. Even when the parents got in the action it was still quite an enjoyable experience even if you did feel stupid trying to hit the dam baseball for the 50th time and missing….

My eldest (Lucy) later that day set out to play Zelda but quickly became frustrated once a nearby moggy refused to go in it’s cat flap and let her continue. After some intervention from yours truly though she was soon on her way again and seemed to be enjoying the game although I did feel a little voice acting and less text reading wouldn’t have gone amiss here and there. Zelda would not be my own game of choice but I think she is likely to play it and that’s fine by me as it seems a fairly solid title with plenty to keep her occupied.