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Roulette Systems – Streets & Double Streets

Hi guys welcome to another video after a bit of a break, as you may have seen the video before this one just explained to you that we’re just changing the video format, so we can get more systems out a lot quicker now remember these are systems they’re. All just systems and casino strategies remember: they’re, they’re, just systems; okay, they’re, not they’re, not the B and end-all systems and they’re just what’s out there and what I’ve come up with. Try it for yourself I’ll get people asking why using demo accounts and all this, but why I’m doing that is to show you the strategy. It’S up to you to go and test the strategy and see for yourself whether it’s successful even go to the casino, and just you don’t have to bet you just sit there and and simulate as if you were betting and see what happens.

So it’s up to you to test, obviously with some some days you might be, you know successful and some days you won’t be so this is the quickest way. I can show you without waiting and waiting and kind speeding up the video etc. So we get the numbers instantly and again they may not work, they may work. I don’t do the strategy over and over and make sure I only include the successful one. I just do it and if it’s successful its successful and it’s up to you to to work that out so it’s more of a medium just to show you systems and to to try variations yourself change them see if they’re more successful for you. So really it’s just more of an ideas and the ideas base than actual okay.

This is this: is gon na make you a ton of money. It’S gon na make you a millionaire. Well, that’s not going to happen alright!

So, let’s get into this system. This is a system I quite like I designed this. It’S called sliding doors sliding, because we’re going up and down up and down the first one to 18 and up and down from 36 down 2:19 and you’ll, see what I mean okay. So this is what we do.

We we’re betting on the double streak. That’S the street! This is a double street, six numbers. Okay, that’s a double street four to nine is a double strict.

Seven to twelve is a double street. Ten to fifteen is a double street. Thirteen to eighteen is a double street, so you can see what I mean. There’S a what’s that one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine 10 11 11 potential double streets. We can use okay in this strategy.

What we’re doing is we’re putting one unit on the ends, we’re starting at the ends so one to thirty six and one to nine. If we do not win after two spins, we add a unit if we’re in profit, we go back to one unit. If we’re not in profit after we win, we go back one unit, okay, so let’s do a demonstration, quick spin. It was not a hit, so another spin is the second spin with one unit. We won that one.

So we started at 5,000 and we’re now two units up now what hit it hit the 34 hit. So what we’re betting now is we’re moving up we’re going to still bet the same double street here, but this one has been hit so actually moving up. One double street: okay, so I’ll just clear this to show you so now we’re betting here and we’re still betting here.

Okay, so back to one unit because we’re in profit one’s been no success. Another spin, zero. Okay! So now we’re putting two units on each for two spins one.

We came out on top so there we just got our money back. Well, that’s fine! We didn’t lose anything. Did we?

But let’s have a look at the same bit so now because we haven’t it’s up to you, you can go back to one unit, but what I do because we haven’t actually increased our profit from the last win, we’re going to stay at two units. So just a way to just pick up a bit more profit, so we had four so now we’re going to the four to nine and 28 to 31. So to make me remember easily, I just go. I just remember the 4 and 28 and look down so clear, and it was this one. Now we didn’t get any profit, so we’re gon na double up as into it. We always go back to two units, no more, no less!

In this method. There we go. That was a great one because we got that on the first one. So let’s have a look: what we were betting, so I’m a 5 hit again this side 1.

So we move up to here, 7 to 10 and still 28 we’re in profit. Still going to go back to 1 unit now so up 10 units so 7 and 28 and the 7 now where we get to the end well to the middle, that’s when we stop and we’ll forget a hit on one of those numbers on the double street. We go back to here.

Ok, so I go back again, so it’s sort of a bit of a race who’s gon na get there first. So let’s have a look and go away Java. Okay, now number 1, not successful, two units; bang!

We got it. Four units – profit 14, I would say – would work up to 40 to 50 units profit and then stop bankroll 250 to 300. Let’S see we’re up, so we that was 11, so we move up here, 10 and so back to one unit in 28. Still between there and there all right, so 14 units up 1-nothing they’re, two units, nothing there now three units. So as you can see we’re covering it’s like betting, one of the dozens, I guess – or it’s a third of the board, almost 12 numbers, one see there. We go, we got back to no profit.

Well, we didn’t make profits, that’s still 14. So I still 14. So again, we now go back to two units, so ten, the hit so 13 to 16 double street two units and the 28th one to 28. I like this, because this is moving around you’re, not staying and waiting for one double double street to hit, which can take a long time and that’s shown in another system that still can be successful. But then your progressions can get quite high. So look there.

We go second of two we’re in profit. We go back to one unit 18, let’s see so up to here so now up to the middle of the board. Okay, and this one has in progress much so 16, 19 and 28. Sometimes you’ll get it’s up to you whether you choose to cover this, the 12 numbers. So when you get up to here and the 22 hits, you can decide whether to go here say you’re only then covering obviously nine numbers total okay. But if you get a hit on here, the profits going to be a lot higher, so those three numbers are going to be a lot better with profit but you’re covering less numbers.

So that’s your choice. They are up to 18 units back to one unit. Let’S go spins my cigar and two units got it not in profit, so we’re going to stay at two units, but we’re going to move up. So that’s 16 steel – and this is 25 to 20, 28 double street second of two.

Now three units got that one. Actually down two units because it was 18 profit now 16. So now we’re going to just go back to 2 and we’re going to jump up here so 16 so and early in the middle one. Two one two two spins there we go 24. So we’ve got six profit on that first one. Then we jump back down to one unit so but here 27.

So again your call whether you want to jump back to here. Sometimes I like to go here just be the variation, but I’m gon na play it safe and go back to here. So 16 19 is one unit and then back to here.

So if this one wins, we go back to one to six first double street. So I think we’ve got the idea now, let’s ever get to 30 units profit, it takes too long. I’M not going to bother 2424 before this one’s moves up. So two units clear one, two one two. I think it was here one, two, okay, we’re down two units are gon na say it stay at two.

What about the 28th so 16 clear? So, as you can see, it’s got a pretty good hit rate, even though at the moment, we’ve we’ve lost two units. Again, but we’re going to go back to two units was 25, so here near 28, my goodness up there.

So the video is not dragging on, but you can see it doesn’t take long before you get a hit, and I find this one pretty good, so see how you go to some likes dislikes. Whatever you like, it’s up to you, it’s not successful to a dislike, but give it a bit of a chance. You can’t just do one session ago, okay, I’ve lost remember, set you set your stop loss.

Okay. I recommend 250 to 300 units. If you’re betting, one units – and it will go up and down – but I’ve used this at the casino to just short-term, just a bit of a variety, because I get secured using the same systems over and over, but yeah. I do use this one.

If I wanted in generate a bit of income and then pay for pay for a dinner and yeah, so that’s that’s the system sliding doors. So, as you can see, it goes back and forth back and forth and you just keep going that time. You’Re covering 12 numbers or nearly a third of the board, so the chance is pretty good. So, thanks for watching and we’ll be back with many more videos,